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Fostering Entrepreneurship and Social Impact: The Journey of Make-Hub Innovation Hub


In this inspiring success story, we explore the journey of Angelo Sanfilippo, the co-founder, and CEO of Make-Hub, an innovative hub based in Sicily, Licata. Make-Hub is dedicated to fostering positive change by providing opportunities for young talents, aspiring startuppers, and individuals of all ages. By supporting startups with a social vocation, Make-Hub has become a driving force behind groundbreaking initiatives, transforming lives and the community.

Founding Make-Hub:

Make-Hub officially came to life in May 2017, following Angelo’s experience in an acceleration program at Timbo Campo in Catania. The spark for change ignited during this program, inspiring Angelo to bring innovation to his own territory. Make-Hub started as an informal group, testing the waters and assessing the community’s response. Eventually, in May 2017, it was established as an association for social promotion.

The Value Proposition of Make-Hub:

At the core of Make-Hub’s mission is finding human capital to support their projects. Initially, Angelo faced the challenge of finding like-minded individuals willing to share their expertise and professionalism to contribute to Make-Hub’s vision. They aimed to empower those who wanted to make a difference in the world of innovation. Thankfully, the local administration was supportive, providing a headquarters that kickstarted Make-Hub’s activities.

Services and Impact:

Make-Hub operates as a coworking space, offering workstations for both remote workers and digital nomads. Their location near the tourist port allowed them to attract a global audience of digital nomads, providing services such as acceleration paths to validate business ideas, develop projects, and penetrate markets. Additionally, Make-Hub played a pivotal role in developing e-commerce platforms for businesses in the tourism sector.

Accompanied Startups:

Make-Hub has been instrumental in nurturing startups, with a primary focus on sectors like food and tourism. Interestingly, they also helped individuals seemingly unrelated to the digital world, guiding them through innovative paths. Their active involvement in projects, like the collaboration with The Different Firings association, showcased their commitment to social inclusion, creating a positive impact on the territory.

Overcoming Challenges:

At the beginning, Make-Hub encountered some mistrust from the community. However, they quickly gained trust and appreciation for their efforts to listen, help, and support aspiring entrepreneurs. The response exceeded their expectations, with neighboring communities also seeking their assistance. Make-Hub’s perseverance and dedication helped overcome initial resistance.

Key Ingredients for Success:

Angelo believes two crucial elements contributed to Make-Hub’s success: human capital and perseverance. Their ability to attract skilled individuals who passionately shared their vision allowed them to provide comprehensive assistance to their clients. As for perseverance, it played a vital role in overcoming challenges and achieving their goals.

Promoting Inclusion and Positive Impact:

Make-Hub actively contributed to social inclusion by involving vulnerable groups in various projects. One such initiative involved collaboration with African Senegalese guests of Stress Tryouts in Licata, supporting a theatrical and film project. Another project, co-organized with Tony Rocchetta, centered around Sicilian and Senegalese cuisine, fostering cultural exchange and inclusivity.

Reflecting on the Journey:

When asked if he would have done anything differently, Angelo expressed no regrets. Instead, he wished he had found the courage to start Make-Hub even earlier. The impact Make-Hub has had on the community and aspiring entrepreneurs reinforces the value of their vision and dedication.


The success story of Angelo Sanfilippo and Make-Hub Innovation Hub exemplifies the power of entrepreneurship and social impact. By creating a supportive ecosystem for startups and embracing social inclusion, they have transformed lives and promoted positive change in their territory. Make-Hub’s journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking to make a difference through innovation and perseverance, fostering a brighter future for all.

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