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Empowering Female Leadership and Environmental Sustainability: The Success Story of Fych Technologies


In this inspiring success story, we delve into the journey of Andrea Cabanes and Oksana Horodytska, two female trailblazers leading Fych Technologies, a groundbreaking startup that addresses both the need for female leadership and environmental sustainability. Their remarkable achievements demonstrate that women can thrive as leaders while simultaneously making a positive impact on our planet through innovative recycling solutions.

Empowering Female Leadership

Andrea Cabanes and Oksana Horodytska embarked on their entrepreneurial path after years of research in waste management and plastic recycling. As female co-founders and CEOs of Fych Technologies, they defy gender norms and inspire others by demonstrating the potential for female leaders in the tech and sustainability sectors. Their success story is a testament to the capabilities, determination, and creativity of women in driving meaningful change.

Fych Technologies:

Revolutionizing Recycling Within the broader context of their leadership, Andrea and Oksana have built Fych Technologies into a pioneering company that tackles the pressing challenge of recycling materials and waste. Fych Technologies is dedicated to converting waste into valuable resources, positioning themselves at the forefront of the circular economy movement.

Innovation and Impact:

Through their research, Andrea and Oksana obtained three patents for transformative technologies that enhance plastic recyclability and improve the quality of recycled materials. Fych Technologies has developed cutting-edge solutions to address specific recycling challenges, such as multi-layer packaging and the removal of odors and contaminants from recycled plastics. Their innovative delamination technology allows for the efficient recycling of complex packaging materials that were once deemed unrecyclable. By eliminating contaminants and odorous compounds, Fych Technologies ensures that recycled plastics meet high-quality standards, enabling their reuse in various applications.

Environmental Stewardship and Global Reach:

Fych Technologies has quickly gained recognition within the industry. With a growing team of dedicated professionals, they have attracted customers from various countries, including France, Italy, and Indonesia. Fych Technologies’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond local borders, as they aim to expand their influence throughout Europe and Asia. By licensing their technologies globally, they can contribute to transforming the plastic recycling landscape on a larger scale, promoting environmental stewardship worldwide.

Green Skills and Diversity:

Andrea and Oksana’s story is an embodiment of the project’s mission to address gaps in green skills and promote diversity and inclusion. By fostering female leadership and encouraging women to enter the tech and sustainability sectors, Fych Technologies plays a crucial role in breaking gender stereotypes and promoting equality. Their success story serves as a beacon of inspiration, proving that gender diversity and inclusion lead to innovation, success, and a brighter, more sustainable future.


The success story of Andrea Cabanes and Oksana Horodytska and their company, Fych Technologies, highlights two vital components: the empowerment of female leadership and the advancement of environmental sustainability. By shattering glass ceilings and leading a cutting-edge startup, they inspire women worldwide to pursue leadership roles and contribute to solving global challenges. Simultaneously, Fych Technologies’ innovative recycling solutions demonstrate the transformative power of green skills and the positive impact businesses can have on creating a more sustainable world. Together, Andrea, Oksana, and Fych Technologies serve as role models for a future that embraces diversity, equality, and environmental responsibility.

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